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For the past eight years, I’ve been “ThinCin” having beat the battle of the bulge after a lifetime of obesity. While I have spent eight years thin – it was only a year ago that I learned how to eat. And I do mean EAT! I love food. I love eating. I love cooking. I love entertaining. I invite you to join me EVERYDAY on my food journey. I will share with everyone EVERY FOOD THAT I EAT. My breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be showcased on Facebook as Cindy Wanerman and  on twitter as ThinCin. Join me while dining at home, work, and at play. You’ll know what I buy in the food market and when I enjoy a cocktail as well. I used to dread the curse of the “holidays” – it was a season of fun and food and gaining weight. Today I thoroughly enjoy everyday, and every meal – everywhere I go. Finally food is my friend. Vacations used to mean a ten pound struggle – now vacations are a dining pleasure. Please join me – let’s enjoy food together!

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