Attitude…it is all about attitude!


Tonight I am having dinner with a cousin I totally adore. She gave me a choice of restaurants to select, and I was happy to make the choice. I went online and looked at each place she suggested. I decided on the Jarrettown Hotel. If you review the menu of the Jarrettown Hotel – it’s a combination of the good, the great and the fattening. The cousin likes it, and I LOVE the cousin and so the Jarrettown Hotel it is! So….let’s think about this a minute. I want to please the cousin and so I could order off the menu, and not make a fuss…or maybe I will make a fuss. I’ve been to this restaurant before, and I found them to be very happy to tailor a dish. I think I am feeling ciopinno. The menu says it is served over pasta. I do love pasta. I assure you – if pasta is in front of me, I will devour it! Oh…pasta…garlic bread…butter…the foods of my dreams! and of my nightmares. So for a moment let me think about tomorrow. That great pasta and that unbelivable garlic bread will be a moment on my lips, and a lifetime on my hips. That is not a good thing. What really matters? Most important…dining with my amazing cousin. Happy to be in a restaurant, and not cooking. But…I really want to leave the table having eaten foods that will not make the scale change. When the wait staff asks for my order I will politely say…ciopinno…over spinach, no pasta please. I may be told no exceptions, but I really doubt that will be the case. If the wait staff doesn’t get it, certainly the owner will understand. Please don’t bully me….I’m in your restaurant to spend $$$. So, stay tuned. Facebook “Thincin” will show you what I ate at my 7pm reservation this evening. Either the Jarrettown Hotel get’s it, and deserves your business or they don’t. I am betting they do.

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