I didn’t need a scale, I had a “Sylvia”!


We all know a “Sylvia”. She’s the one who will always greet you with a comment about your weight. “You look like you took off a little”, or “I see you’ve gained your weight back.” Her comments were so predictable! And SO annoying!!! I remember one time my weight had hit a new all time high. I was supposed to go to a party that Sylvia would be at. I stayed home. I just didn’t want to deal with her. Then one day it happened – I couldn’t avoid her. A mutual friend of ours had died, and we would both be at the funeral. Well lucky me, Sylvia told me I looked thinner! There was also the time that I had lost (and later found) fifty pounds because I wanted to look good at a reunion. I ran into Sylvia and she told me how wonderful I looked! Then she said “Well, are you going to keep it off this time?”  I shared with her about the upcoming reunion, which was still a few months away.  Sylvia then said, “Oh sweetheart, why did you lose it now? You should have waited until you got closer to the reunion date! You know you are only going to gain it back!”  I tell you, I absolutely could not stand that woman! Did she really think I didn’t know what I weighed! Of course I knew! Eight years ago I did lose weight. For eight years I have kept that weight off! My scale tells me what I need to know, without the added negative commentary. Sylvia was a bully! My advice – KICK those Sylvia’s out of your life. Surround yourself with people who are encouraging. Less on the opinion….move on the love.

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