Everyday is a Holiday!


How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll eat healthier after the Holidays!” I certainly told myself that for years! Trouble is – for some reason or another, almost everyday is some type of Holiday. I needed to learn how to enjoy the Holidays, the special days, the every days of life. Today was one of those days. My dinner was out of my control. For me, lack of control is a potential recipe for disaster! I was having dinner with a client, and the client booked the dinner reservation. I did not know the name of the restaurant, and I could not check out the menu online to plan my meal. I knew it was an italian cuisine. I drove two hours to meet for dinner. Arriving early, I went out to eat BEFORE I met the client. Why? While I had the chance to control my food, and fill up on healthy choices – I needed to take advantage of the situation. So, I had a wonderful shrimp cocktail. An hour later while dining with my client I was able to avoid the bread and butter that was put right in front of me. Ideally – choose the restaurant, ask the wait staff to remove the bread. However, when it is one of those “Holidays” – where you can’t control the situation, EAT BEFORE YOU SIT DOWN TO DINNER!

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