Just a regular day….


vinegarBut I still need a plan. It is a work day. I am in my office. I started out the day with a great egg white omelet filled with onion, pepper, tomato and spinach. Lunch – will be an office meeting. Probably a tray of sandwiches, maybe a tossed salad. I will toss the bread from the sandwich and place the sandwich meat on top of my salad. I keep a bottle of amazing vinegar in my office. It is crazy expensive at over $30.00 per bottle, but well worth it! Sometimes the office lunch is pizza…when that is the case, I don’t take part and I buy my own. There was a time in my life when I would have said – the heck with it, pizza? and I would have ate it. If I am really craving pizza, I will make a flat bread crust from garbanzo bean flour, and put chopped vegetables and tomato-eggplant spread on top. Dinner tonight will probably be eaten at home. I always keep frozen shrimp around, as it defrosts quick when you run the shrimp under water. The other day someone gave me a gift of imported cheese. Not wanting to insult them, I took it and said thank-you. I then gave it away to my neighbor. I can’t keep food around that I shouldn’t eat. I don’t have any willpower – I never have had any. So that means if you live with me – you must eat as I do. It’s okay to have rules in your own home. At least, I think so!

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