It’s Not A Diet! It’s A Tune-up!!


Think about this for a minute. You’ve worked hard at losing weight, and you have reached your goal. Then what? Well to begin with – everyone tells you how good you look. Shopping is fun again, and fitting into those old clothes that have been collecting dust in your closet is empowering. But then it happens, the scale starts to creep up. Many things affect your daily weight. Whether it is the time of day you weighed yourself, or perhaps it is a different scale than the one you usually use…numbers can play mind games with your head. Of course good advice is to get weighed every day, at the same time…on the same scale…naked. Three years ago, I bought a second home. Truth be told, I never bought a scale for the second home. Why? Well, I knew it would probably not be the same weight as the scale that I have gotten weighed on almost daily since 1999. All things being equal the weight on both scales should be about the same. I’m constantly traveling back and forth between these two homes, and so I thought I was “safe” not having a scale in the new place. Recently I knew I would be in my second home for a three week period of time. The thought of three weeks without getting weighed scared me. So…I bought a scale. I weighed myself in Philadelphia, and the next morning I weighed myself in Miami Beach – on my new scale. And, just as I feared…the scale was two pounds higher in Florida than it was in Philadelphia. Mentally, I started to beat myself up. So, I went about my day, feeling badly that I had started to gain weight. Being fat again is my biggest personal fear. My personal self esteem is totally correlated to my weight. Good or bad….I am almost 57 years old and I am not going to change the way I personally judge myself. Over the three week period of time, I did not drop those two pounds. In fact, I gained five more pounds. Had I eaten healthy? Yes…but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing! When I left Florida, after just three weeks – my weight on the new scale was reading seven pounds higher than what I had last weighed on my Philadelphia scale. The next morning in Philadelphia I weighed myself. The scale was five pounds higher than what I had been three weeks earlier. So, the Florida scale did have a two pound weight difference – but the reality was…I had gained five pounds. Did my clothes still fit? Yes. Did people still tell me how trim I looked? Yes. Did I feel like the Goodyear blimp? Yes. Am I crazy? Maybe. Was I crossing “the line”? I define “the line” as the point where I need to lose weight. I needed to have a healthier mindset about my weight. I decided to draw a mental comparison between my weight issue and a fine sports car. What do they have in common? Simple…the need for tune-ups!! Whether in tune or not, a Maserati is a fine automobile. But, it certainly performs better when it is tuned. If you were to disregard the tune up, eventually the Maserati engine would need a complete overhaul. So…I am embracing a new understanding…Every so often…I NEED A TUNE-UP!!! Eat a little less, work out a little more…get the scale back to the number I like. So last night I went out to dinner with friends that I often dine with. A healthy appetizer was served, and I declined to eat it. A friend asked “Why are you not eating that?…it’s a healthy food-don’t tell me you are dieting?”. My answer was…’Dieting? No….I’M GIVING MYSELF A TUNE-UP!

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