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 Recently I was traveling on a major airline. The flight attendant came around and offered us beverages and peanuts. I was a bit surprised at the peanut offering as I thought they had been outlawed in most places. A short time later an announcement was made that the flight attendants must collect all of the peanut packages. They went on to explain that a passenger had notified them of an allergy to peanuts – thus prompting this recall. I applaud the airline for the quick action. Frankly – the whole situation really surprised me. I’m old enough to remember when airlines served real meals. I even own a set of stainless steel cutlery from Eastern Airlines. I was once on a TWA flight where the “stewardess” brought a buffet cart down the aisle and you could choose your own desert! Those were the days! No doubt an allergy attack from peanut dust is probably a very frightening situation – although I’ve often wondered if most airlines were pleased to have a reason to no longer offer peanuts and instead switch to a lower cost snack alternative. Well this brings me to today…and what took place in my office. My assistant told me he was going out to get lunch and asked me if I wanted anything. I asked him where he was going. He told me it’s a new donut place that just opened up. I asked him what could they serve that would be so different from the donut chain stores. He said they serve fried chicken and fresh deep fried donuts. My first thought was this is a store that Mayor Bloomberg would never allow to open in NYC! I then looked at the menu online. There was NOTHING even remotely healthy! Needless to say I declined his offer of bringing me back anything from this Zagat rated establishment. A short time later he returned with his lunch of fried delights. He was even kind enough to bring back a box of donuts for the rest of the office staff to enjoy. Diligent employee that he is – he sat at his desk while eating his lunch. Ah, the aroma! Deep fried dough with powdered sugar!! Fried chicken that was dripping with oil! Smelling that meal made me crazy!  My thoughts turned to the peanut recall on the airline. I fantasized an announcement being made over the load speaker in my office that said “Due to the overwhelming aroma of the greasy fat laden chicken and the airborne powered sugar that is permeating the air – all unhealthy lunches must be removed because ThinCin is having an allergic reaction!

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